The hums, the hums

Today I once again captain the starship Couch Time. The weekend brought many adventures, most of which involved both outside and people, two nouns that almost always make me sick.

It’s allergy season in Seattle, meaning that all the days end in Y. “Summer” here is known as “the other season,” or “the days it does not rain, much.” The air is full of life and promise.

Nasty, nasty, pollen-ey promise.

I haven’t drawn a full breath in over a week, and the cats are not entirely to blame. Headache, cough, a nose that is both constantly running and constantly dry.

Senor Bhagwan is Senor Sick. Again.

The cats are trying to help, it’s true. But both of them are also sick, a legacy of their time in the shelter. To hear our kitten coughing is hard, but the medicine has helped her a great deal in only a couple days. Her activity level is very high right now and she is very much the little girl we met a couple weeks ago. Cat #1 has the occasional sneeze, but she’s lost a step. Doctor G assures us that she’s going to get sick as well.

I’m not really surprised. Medea is a “mama cat,” to the point where she actively grooms the kitten if necessary. While Maleficent (also known as Millie) was so stuffed up she could not smell or maintain an appetite, she would run a complicated dance to bring the kitten to the kibble.

To say the kitten is devoted to her would be an amazing understatement. Millie follows her around from place to place, attempting to insert herself into every activity. Since Medea’s personality type is also to do this, it means we spend a lot of time watching the both of them follow us around the house and then see ADD Kitten attempt some ridiculous feat of agility designed to give her access to Medea’s tail.

In the words of the Elder Cat (who sadly cannot type), “We are not amused.”

Pictures of both reside here.

None of this, mind you, is the reason for this post. It’s about me, remember?


The house is sealed up, to repel alien plant sex items. I do have the curtains open for the cats, and I’ll have to open at least one door to accept deliveries later today. the morning sun comes through our eastern picture window, sending shafts of light though the omnipresent dust swirls in my personal space.


The air purifier is running now, a fine counterpoint to Sunday’s Mariners Game on TIVO. My Eyes are burning, it’s time for fluids and Tylenol and spectacles. There is much reading and writing to do, including finalizing the novel summary for submission tomorrow.

Summary today, print and mail tomorrow. I hope. It’s that time, and that place.

Some pretty good ‘rithmatic there, I think.

end trans.

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