A view from on high

I’m looking out over the city of my childhood, marveling at the industry and spectacle it’s become.

I don’t see this metropolis with wide-eyed wonder, or even the eyes of a child. Every street corner shows me darkness and corruption. Every vacant lot tells me a story of broken dreams and lost promise.

Some people come here for a weekend where they can forget inhibitions. I come here to work, and instead of a hilarious buddy movie I see episodes of CSI.

I’m sitting on the 107th floor of an edifice undreamed of in my youth, tapping away on a device more fiction than science. The future came to this place faster than anywhere else in America, but LV steadfastly refuses to give up the past.

Should I abandon my prejudice? Blind myself to the very real darkness around me? Or should I embrace the lie and take comfort in its soothing tones of neon

The lights have cone on in Vegas. Armor against the pain screamed from every soul on the streets below. I am safe in a tower, looking out over it all and shielded from the worst of it.

But I won’t forget, and neither should you. Always question, always see with your whole being. Choose what feels right rather than what looks good.

Mahalo for now

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