Where My Words At?

So I’m not blocked, by any definition of the process. But I’ve had a document open for the entirety of today and haven’t entered a single new character.

This book’s not going to write itself, and it’s nowhere near where I’d like it to be for someone else to tell me what’s not working.

How should one approach this here dilemma? The advice I give to all writers who cannot write is “Butt in Seat, Hands on Keyboard.” That’s clearly not working, and what’s worse, the story is completely laid out in my head, itching to be typed. I just feel no urge to type it at all.

First world problem, I know. But a problem nonetheless. I frequently re-read my previous words, and I’m finding no fault with what’s come before. But there’s a word count in the bottom of the window, and it’s half what it should be.


I’ve frequently toyed with the idea of collapsing this particular volume into the body of several others. That too would require more words, and unsatisfying ones, to my thinking. Words of FAIL, since this was to be the “fun” book in the middle, where the plot and action flow together wonderfully.

How’s that working out for me? Not so well.

So now I’m cycling through other words I’ve written, looking for that spark that will get me back on track. Thumbing through the brown notebook, trying my darnedest not to default to Angry Birds for inspiration.

Part of me wants to delete this entire post as meaningless self pity (note the tag). Part of me wants to write, just not now. All of me has felt that writing needs to happen, and in fairly dramatic fashion, for some months now.

And here we are.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week? This is Crazy, but Write me Maybe?

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